Tom Lee

Software development geekery.


Hullo. I’m Tom, an Australian living in Portland OR, USA. I write all sorts of awesome software.

I’m currently writing a giant pile of Java for New Relic‘s Software Analytics team.

I’m big on open source & have a stack of stuff on github. I’ve also made a couple of cool contributions to some popular open source projects: my little claim to fame is implementing the try/except/finally syntax in Python 2.5. I’ve also contributed (generally less sexy) stuff to Rust, node, Rails, PostgreSQL & Mozilla Electrolysis and maintain the hiredis and Cap’n Proto packages for the Debian project.

When I can build up the nerve, I speak at conferences like OSCON and the OSDC. My presentations tend to focus on compilers & language design, though I’m probably best described as a compiler geek wannabe. :)

You can find the gritty details in my resume. Alternatively, get in touch!