Tom Lee

Software development geekery.



2011- New Relic

Senior Engineer

  • Currently working with Java, C/C++, PHP, .NET, smatterings of Ruby and all sorts of fun stuff.

1999- Freelance Software Developer


  • Backend development of the web site for the 2005 Australian Children’s Film Festival using Ruby on Rails 1.0 and MySQL
  • Booking management system in C#/ASP.NET and MS SQL Server 2000 for MapInfo Australia’s training courses.
  • Web site and backend maintenance for a number of clients using primarily PHP.

2007-2011 Shine Technologies

Senior Consultant

  • On-site consulting for large Australian corporate and government clients, including Sensis, NAB, Suncorp and the Victorian Department of Primary Industries.
  • Assisted with the development of a billing validation product for the energy industry.
  • Lead a small team of 3 developers on an intranet replatforming project for Sensis, porting a proprietary Java CMS to Joomla! 1.6.
  • Wrote a node.js template engine that compiles to JavaScript.
  • Java/J2EE, Ruby/Rails, Oracle, MySQL, Python, Bash and more.

2005-2007 Web Developer

SpeakOut Creative (aka Human)

  • Deliver custom content managed web sites using PHP (Drupal) and Ruby on Rails.
  • Integrate web sites and services with SpeakOut’s SMS gateway using PHP, Ruby and Python.
  • C /COM programming of a custom Microsoft Outlook add-in.
  • Assisted with the administration of a dedicated Linux server.

2004-2005 Programmer

MU Systems/NetOptions

  • Part time position working within a small team to deliver PHP web applications using a custom internal framework.

Open Source Contributions


  • Implemented the try/except/finally syntax introduced in Python 2.5.
  • Credited with the implementation of PyObject-to-AST conversion and support for passing AST objects to the compile() function in Python 2.6/3.0.
  • Currently working towards an AST-level optimizer for Python 2.7/3.1
  • Various other minor patches


I maintain the hiredis and Cap’n Proto packages for the Debian project.

Other Projects

Lesser bug fixes and code contributions to the various open source projects, including:

  • PostgreSQL — the track_active_query_size GUC.
  • PyGtkSourceView — an initial patch to allow mutable SourceTagStyles
  • Ruby on Rails — various fixes and a plugin to fix the screwy semantics of URLEncodedPairParser.
  • nodebug fix for the http module, feature tweak for the querystring module
  • Mitter — several usability enhancements for the GTK front end

Public Speaking

RubyConf 2012

OSCON 2012

OSCON Java 2011

  • Open Source Compiler Construction for the JVM [details] 2011

Open Source Developer’s Conference 2010

  • Hugging Abstract Syntax Trees: A Pythonic Love Story [slides] [video]
  • Open Source in Big Business: A Consulting Perspective [slides]

Open Source Developer’s Conference 2009

  • On Scala (Or: Why Static Typing Doesn’t Have To Suck)

Open Source Developer’s Conference 2008


  • Python
  • Java
  • C/C
  • Ruby
  • PHP
  • Bash