Last week Michael Neale and I gave a presentation at the 2009 Open Source Developer’s Conference. The topic was effectively a quick and dirty intro to the Scala language, along with some comparisons between Scala and other languages. I’m no Scala expert or even a day-to-day user but I’m a massive fan of what it stands for, which is in Mike’s words “a better Java than Java”. Hopefully that came across in the presentation.

The conference was a lot of fun and there were a lot of familiar faces from last year. I’ll no doubt be back again next time around!

Anyway, now that the presentation is out of the way, you can see our original paper here: On Scala (or: Why Static Typing Doesn’t Have to Suck). The presentation itself was recorded and is due to be put up on the Internet somewhere at some point in time. Will update this post if/when the video becomes available.