I’ve given presentations at the last two Australian Open Source Developers’ Conferences. I find it to be a harrowing experience. Too much preparation, not enough time. And the nerves! My god, the nerves.

So like any sane person with a healthy fear of public speaking, I’ve put my hand up this year for not one but two presentations. Sigh.

In Hugging Abstract Syntax Trees: A Pythonic Love Story**, **I’ll be blathering about some code I contributed to Python a few years ago that makes it easy to write compilers (in Python!) that target the Python virtual machine. If you caught my 2008 presentation on Python Compiler Internals, you can expect a similarly educational experience.

Open Source in Big Business: A Consulting Perspective** **is a little less techy. I’ll discuss the merits of open source from the perspective of a consultant, and why I think we should be doing more to “sell” big business on open source solutions.

The OSDC starts on the 24th of November, 2010. Hope to see you there.


[]: http://2010.osdc.com.au