I’m an Australian software developer living in Portland, OR.

I help write and run the high throughput backend Java systems that ingest all New Relic’s agent data. Not so long ago I worked on the team that built the backend for their software analytics offering, and before that moved between various agent teams working on everything from Android agents to Server Monitoring and the PHP agent.

Once upon a time I was something of a wannabe compiler nerd. My main (if small) claim to fame is the original implementation of the unified try/except/finally syntax in Python 2.5 – but that was way back in 2006. More recently, I spent a little of my free time working on Rust internals and wrote a little about the Rust compiler in 2014.

In the past I’ve also done a bit of public speaking at OSDC, OSCON and others too (perhaps predictably, usually on the topic of language internals).